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About Reducing Teen Crashes!


Reduce Teen Crashes - Delaware County, Ohio

is a portal that promotes, incentivizes and increases traffic safety and prevention activities

in high schools throughout Delaware County, Ohio. 


Reduce Teen Crashes is based on a simple idea – increasing traffic safety activities reduces traffic crashes.

The program is modeled after National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) best practices: saturation, involvement, and outreach.

ReduceTeenCrashes combines innovative branding and basic marketing to create an initiative for increasing traffic safety activities in high schools throughout Delaware.

The Reduce Teen Crashes portal is designed to connect schools with teen traffic safety activities available to high schools in Delaware County

Activities range from basic saturation, such as posting “Buckle Up” signs in school parking lots, to outreach through community events, and safety awareness days.


By providing teen crash rate data and a growing list of safe driving activities, ReduceTeenCrashes raises awareness of the need for safe driving programs, provides the tools to find crash reduction activities, and awards points to schools for completing and submitting pictures of their experiences.


Safety Awards provided by the SAFE Delaware County Coalition are presented to the schools in recognition of student efforts to educate their peers and reduce teen crashes

by promoting safe driving practices at home, in the school, and throughout the community.



Top Activities

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77 Submissions from 9 School(s)
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33 Submissions from 8 School(s)
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20 Submissions from 8 School(s)

Delaware County Teen Crash Data