Quick-Click Challenge

Quick-Click Challenge

  • The Quick-Click Challenge is a competition that demonstrates the ease of putting on and taking off a safety belt. 
  • Teams of four students and/or adults race against each other in this safety belt relay, reinforcing “buckle-up” behavior.  
  • Invite local media;
  • Take pictures/video;
  • Consider inviting your local agent(s);
  • Add the hashtag #SADDNation and #rockthebelt to social media posts.


  • A safe location
  • A full-size, four-door vehicle with manual lap/shoulder belts in front and rear
  • Four traffic cones or some method (sidewalk chalk) to designate a safe relay area
  • A minimum of two monitors - Quick-Click Crew
  • A stopwatch that registers hundredths of a second (0.00)
  • Score sheet for recording times » A whistle » Quick-Click Shirts for the fastest team


  • Find an area that is level and paved to provide good footing.
  • Set up boundary markers (ropes, chalk or cones) to keep spectators out of the relay area.
  • Divide your group into teams of four (someone can go more than once if the teams are uneven).
  • The four members will start buckled in their seats.
  • For safety, all doors must remain OPEN at all times.
  • Participants are to make a concerted effort to avoid any contact with the exterior of the vehicle, especially the doors.
  • Not doing so may result in a time penalty or disqualification assessed by the Quick-Click Crew.
  • When the whistle is blown, the stopwatch is activated.
  • Each person will unbuckle, EXIT the vehicle and move to the next seat (in a clockwise rotation).
  • After every safety belt is buckled, team members raise BOTH hands into the air.
  • One monitor will watch and blow the whistle when all four players are buckled up with hands raised.
  • The action is repeated four times, so that each person sits once in each seat — again, always moving CLOCKWISE.
  • When each member is back in his/her original seat, buckled with raised hands, the time is stopped and recorded by the second monitor.
  • Send a photo of the quickest team (along with t-shirt sizes) to Ohio SADD. We’ll recognize the team on social media and mail you their Quick-Click T-shirts (limit of four per school per school year).
Submission Instructions: 

Have photos ready with students completing the activity.

Include any additional supporting documentation.

Click “Submit Points" and follow the instructions.

Share photos and video to school social media sites  

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Jackie Bain, SAFE Delaware County Coalition coordinator

Email:  jbain@DelawareHealth.org

Office: 740-203-2083