Jennifer's Messengers DUID Awareness

Invite an in-person or virtual presentation from Jennifer's Messengers.  Presentations are ideal for classroom instruction on the dangers of using today's marijauna as well as impaired driving.

  • Jennifer’s Messengers is a "Driving Under the Influenece of Drug"s (DUID) awareness campaign of Parents Opposed to Pot,
  • Parents Opposed to Pot, wants to use this campaign to awaken our country to the emerging threat of more drug users on the road.
  • Jennifer’s life was tragically taken by a driver impaired by “medical” marijuana.
  • Jennifer’s Messengers aims to keep her memory alive and to work toward safer highways through education and awareness of the dangers of marijuana-impaired driving.
  • Surveys of marijuana users tell us that they have no qualms about getting behind the wheel, high or very high. Alcohol paired with marijuana poses an even greater risks of traffic incidents.

To Complete this Activity:

  1. Visit to learn more about the dangers of marijauna-impaired driving.
  2. Request a presentation at or call founder Corinne Gasper at 614-359-9832.

To Submit for "Bonus Points":

  1. Engage with Jennifer's Messengers on social media at  
  2. Support the "Think You Know?" campaign at
Submission Instructions: 
  1. Have photos ready with students completing the activity.
  2. Include any additional supporting documentation.
  3. Click “Submit Points" and follow the instructions.

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