Traffic Safety Resolution/Proclamation with Local Government

Each year organizations like the National Highway Administration, National Safety Council sponsor national annual safety campaigns such as Click It Or Ticket, Drive SOber Or Get Pulled Over and National Teen Driver Safety Week.

Most of these provide tool kits to help you initiate resolutions that recognize these annaul campaign with your local city, village or township government.

Samples of these documents can be found online and taylored with local Delaware County data.

Student can create thes documents with local leaders and learn how to issue media releases in addition to social media messaging.

Submission Instructions: 

Students will make the appropriate contacts with in the school and local government to launch a resolution on behalf of the political subdivision in which the high school is located.

Additional assistance may be had by contacting the SAFE Delaware County Coalition Coordinator Jackie Bain at or 740-203-2083.

Please be aware that time constraints will apply based on when officials meet each month and their time requirements for submitting requests.

To get your Points:

Students will work with government, social studies, media teachers and school district communications staff to create student promotions of national safety concerns that effect teens.

Topics can be traffic or drug and alcohol related campaigns.

Points will be given for each separate campaign that a school promotes.