Teen Drivers Challenge

The  2022 Teen Driver Car Controls Drills Challenge IS CLOSED for all Delaware County High Schools

For details on how to register for a Better Ohio Teen Drivers Car Control Drills program and receive a 20% discount.

Visit the Reduce Teen Crashes Activity: Car Control Drills at https://reduceohcrashes.com/activities/car-control-drills-program

Winning videos will be announced June 30, 2022, on the SAFE Delaware County Coalition’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/safedelaware

To view videos visit Reduce Teen Crashes Activity: Car Control Drills https://reduceohcrashes.com/activities/car-control-drills-program 

Winning students will be contacted by parent email.

Thank you for your participation and drive SAFE!

Submission Instructions: 

Have photos ready with students completing the activity.

Include any additional supporting documentation.

Click “Submit Points" and follow the instructions.

Share photos and video to school social media sites  

Facebook     #ReduceTeenCrashesDelCoOH

Twitter         @ReduceOHCrashes 

Instagram    @reduceteencrashesdelcooh


Jackie Bain, SAFE Delaware County Coalition coordinator

Email:  jbain@DelawareHealth.org

Office: 740-203-2083