Take Down Tobacco

Recognize "Take Down Tobacco" National Day of Action at your high school with a  “Take Down Tobacco Power Wall”.

Make a powerful visual impact and inspire others to join the fight by creating an interactive wall where people share their reason to #TakeDownTobacco

What is a Power Wall? 

To the tobacco industry, a "power wall" is a large display of tobacco products meant to entice potential buyers.

Power walls guarantee tobacco products are seen by every customer – especially youth.

With the #TakeDownTobacco Power Wall we are taking the power back by posting huge, eye-catching displays showing our personal reasons to #TakeDownTobacco.

Take Down Tobacco Power Wall Kits are available to schools and need ordered by 3/5/20 to participate in the event day on 3/18/20

Each kit contains the essentials to make a huge Power Wall of your own, but we encourage you to get creative.

How will you personalize your display to make it stand out?

We’ll be awarding prizes to the most creative display!

Kit Contents:

  • #TakeDownTobacco Power Wall banner
  • Sticky notes for participants to write their message
  • Whiteboard selfie signs for social media
  • Permanent markers and dry erase markers
  • Informational cards, instructions and handouts
  • #TakeDownTobacco stickers

How to Order:

To order a free kit, check the option for "#TakeDownTobacco Power Wall Kit" when you register your Day of Action event. Event organizers can order one free kit while supplies last.

Additional kits will be available for purchase when free kits run out.

Register and order your free activity kit by March 5, 2020, to guarantee delivery by March 17.

For more information about the kit and how to use it, check out the Power Wall activity in our Activities database (you'll need to log in to our site to see the full description).


To complete this activity

  1. Register you Day of Action event at: https://www.takedowntobacco.org/power-wall
  2. Order a free kit by 3/5/20 or create your own kit
  3. Complete activity on or near 3/18/20 and record with pictures student participating and final “power wall”
  4. Post to social media
  5. Record numbers of participants
Submission Instructions: 

To Get Your Points:

  1. Complete the activity as described above.
  2. Take photos/video of students participating in the activity.
  3. Click "Submit Points."
  4. Fill out the online submission COMPLETELY
  5. Enter the name and email of the submitter  
  6. Upload your photos/video and a brief description of the activity (including the date of completion and any people pictured in the photo).
  7. Schools must take new photos with and submit these pictures to earn points again for the current year. 
  8. Points for all award levels will be counted instantaneously, but the Silver Award will not be granted until a participating school has earned the Bronze Award!


Share photos and video to school social media sites  

            Facebook     #ReduceTeenCrashesDelCoOH

            Twitter         @ReduceOHCrashes 

            Instagram    @reduceteencrashesdelcooh



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