Stay Alive Don't Text & Drive Banner

Receive a banner to hang up and promote safe driving behaviors in your school!

This safe driving banner is sponsored by the AAA Ohio Auto Club. The campaign focuses on warning young drivers against the dangers of distracted driving, passenger behavior and drowsy driving, by providing factual information regarding the consequences of unsafe driving behaviors. For more information on the program, please contact AAA Ohio.

Submission Instructions: 

1. Contact Jackie Bain at the Delaware General Health District to request the number of materials required.
2. Make arrangements for Jackie to deliver materials.

To Get Your Points:
1. Post a "StayAliveDon't TXT & DRV" banner in a high school common area (Ex: Cafeteria, lobby, and athletic venue).
2. Take a photo of the banner that demonstrates its role in creating awareness (Ex: Students posing next to/under the banner).
3. Click "Submit Your Points."
4. Enter the name of the submitter, and select the activity completed, the county, and school.
5. Upload your school's photo and a brief description of the activity (including the date of completion and any people pictured in the photo).

**Note - Schools that have already submitted points in previous years for this activity must take new photos with the banner and submit these pictures to earn points again this year.