SCHOOL PROMOTION: AAA Teens' Night at the Garage

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Event Date:     Tuesday, September 24

Time:                6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Location:         AAA Car Care Plus Powell, 8868 Moreland St., Powell, OH 43065              

Space for this event is very limited, so register today! 

  • Just download and complete the registration form on this event page, then email it to
  • You’ll receive a reply confirming that we’re expecting you.

Teen’s Night at the Garage!

Students getting their driver’s license involves learning new skills, driving a car involves learning how to take care of it. 

Proper car maintenance is essential to keeping them safe on the road, avoiding breakdowns and saving money over the long haul.

AAA’s high school vehicle maintenance inspection (VMI) program has revealed that a large percentage of cars driven routinely by teens have issues that can impact the safety and longevity of the vehicle.

In 2018, more than 84% of the vehicles inspected at high schools in Delaware County had at least one problem that needed attention!

That’s why AAA Car Care Plus repair facilities and SAFE Delaware County Coalition have partnered to offer Teens’ Night at the Garage.

This fun and informative event is designed to help educate teens and parents on the basics of vehicle maintenance.

You’ll get an overview of important vehicle maintenance items, plus learn how to check oil levels, tire pressure and more with hands-on time in the garage. 

AAA’s experienced technicians will be happy to answer  students' vehicle-related questions during the session. 

The event is free and includes food and giveaways! 



Submission Instructions: 

Time is short for this opportunity!

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Flyers and registration forms are available to download from this site.

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Make parents aware via newsletters, etc.

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