SAFE Selfies with Franklin

Take a selfie photo with the Delaware County Juvenile Courts Therapy K9 to show your support for reducing teen crashes.  Share photos with friends on social media.


Delaware County gains therapy dog

By Glenn Battishill

There’s a new face roaming the halls and spreading smiles at the Hayes Building this year — Franklin, a therapy dog in training.

When Probation Officer Gia DeGirolamo started working at the probation department of Delaware County Juvenile Court in 2016, she saw an article about therapy dogs, printed it out, and wrote “GOAL” on it.

DeGirolamo said there are many advantages to having a therapy dog in the juvenile court.

“I see a lot of trauma,” DeGirolamo said. “I want the trauma cases.

I can relate to those, because I was a victim of trauma and I know what my dog has done for me.

Dogs can increase your dopamine and decrease your (stress hormone) cortisol. It was a wrap for me.

It’s scientific, and I’ve seen it work. It’s worked for me personally.”

"Delaware County Juvenile and Probate Court Judge David Hejmanowski said Therapy dog in training,

Franklin, will be a valuable resource when the court has to conduct interviews or hearings involving child victims."

Contact to schedule a visit:

Gia DeGirolamo, Probation Officer

To Complete this activity:

Using a backdrop or frame displaying a teen driver safety message and use it to set up an area at your school, for students to take photos with the Delaware County Juvenile Court Therapy K9, “Franklin”.

Encourage students to take photos with their own phone and share them with each other and friends on social media.  Post social media handles of the school/principal and Reduce Teen Crashes.

Take photo(s) of students taking selfies with Franklin and a teen driver safety message that demonstrate their role in creating awareness (Ex: students posing next to/under the sign).

Submission Instructions: 

To Get Your Points:

  1. Complete the activity as described above.
  2. Take photos/video of students participating in the activity.
  3. Click "Submit Points."
  4. Fill out the online submission COMPLETELY
  5. Enter the name and email of the submitter  
  6. Upload your photos/video and a brief description of the activity (including the date of completion and any people pictured in the photo).
  7. Schools must take new photos with and submit these pictures to earn points again for the current year. 
  8. Points for all award levels will be counted instantaneously, but the Silver Award will not be granted until a participating school has earned the Bronze Award!


Share photos and video to school social media sites  

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