Safe Driving Signs

Photograph students with both the "Buckle Up America" sign and the "Don't Drive Distracted" signs installed in your school's public parking areas.

To Complete this activity:

  1. Install both the metal "Buckle Up America" sign and "Don't Drive Distracted" sign in your school's public parking areas.
  2. If your school has not received signs in the past than contact Jackie Bain at to request them.
  3. Take photo(s) of students with both signs that demonstrate their role in creating awareness (Ex: students posing next to/under the sign).
  4. The signs must be installed in the photo with students to be approved.
Submission Instructions: 
  1. Have photos ready with students completing the activity.
  2. Include any additional supporting documentation.
  3. Click “Submit Points" and follow the instructions.

Share photos and video to school social media sites  

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Twitter         @ReduceOHCrashes 

Instagram    @reduceteencrashesdelcooh


Jackie Bain, SAFE Delaware County Coalition coordinator


Office: 740-203-2083