SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

For 30 years, SADD has been committed to empowering young people to lead education and prevention initiatives in their schools and communities. Founded as Students Against Driving Drunk in 1981 in Wayland, Massachusetts, SADD has grown to become the nation’s dominant peer-to-peer youth education and prevention organization with thousands of chapters in middle schools, high schools, and colleges. In 1997, in response to requests from SADD students themselves, SADD expanded its mission and name, and it now sponsors chapters called Students Against Destructive Decisions. SADD continues to endorse a firm "No Use" message related to use of alcohol and other drugs. With its expanded focus, SADD now highlights prevention of all destructive behaviors and attitudes that are harmful to young people, including underage drinking, substance abuse, impaired driving, violence, and suicide.
SADD’s unique approach involves young people delivering education and prevention messages to their peers through school- and community-wide activities and campaigns responsive to the needs of their particular locations. Projects may include peer-led classes and theme-focused forums, teen workshops, conferences and rallies, prevention education and leadership training, awareness-raising activities and legislative work. Independent studies have shown that students in schools with an established SADD chapter are more aware of, and informed, about the risks of underage drinking, other drug use, and impaired driving. Students in schools with a SADD chapter are also more likely to hold attitudes reflecting positive reasons not to use alcohol.
Ohio SADD had so many special activities such as “Text Less Live More”, SADD DAY at the Q (Cleveland Cavaliers), and the annual Ohio Teen Driver Safety Summit. We also have access to many contests, leadership opportunities, and scholarships.

Submission Instructions: 

Signup Instructions: 1. Identify leaders within your high school who are interested in starting a SADD chapter. Begin by requesting participation from other club presidents, leaders, and team captains.

2. Register Your SADD Chapter on the new SADD Portal by going to

    SADD is excited to offer this new resource for members to provide ""real-time"" membership data and information. You will see this resource continue to grow and refine throughout the year to facilitate national conference registration and membership records. If at any time you need help or have questions, please contact your state coordinator, Teresa Carper, first and then SADD National if further assistance is needed. Since this is a new database all chapters are new chapters. Please click on the ""First Time Chapter"" button and follow the on-screen instructions carefully. SADD Portal

3. Fill out all required portions of the online web form and click ""Submit Registration"".

4. You can also contact the Ohio Coordinator, Teresa C. Carper, at or 740-466-470 .

To get your points:

1. Establish a SADD chapter in your high school. This includes: Scheduling an initial meeting for club leaders; coordinating a recruiting event to promote interest in club membership within your institution; creating (at least) one social media account dedicated to your club (Ex: Facebook or Twitter); coordinating (at least) one community service project focused on raising awareness against destructive decisions (Ex: Produce a Public Service Announcement, participate in a radio interview, sponsor a walk-run event in support of safe driving); and produce a calendar of meetings that will occur over the course of the academic year. Preliminary points will be given after the completion of these initial steps.

Following the awarding of preliminary points, the Club must provide a year-end summary of meeting minutes/notes and club activity at the conclusion of the academic year (Note: points given initially for club formation may be reclined if the Club is not deemed to have demonstrated adequate community activity over the course of its inaugural year).

2. Click ""Submit Your Points.""

3. Enter the name of the submitter and select the activity completed, the county, and school.

4. Upload documentation (signed by the Club supervisor) and photographic evidence (if applicable) demonstrating the creation and activity of your high school's SADD chapter.

5. Start planning your SADD programs! **Note - Points for all award levels will be counted instantaneously, but the Silver/Gold Award will not be granted until a participating school has earned the Bronze Award!