JANUARY "Big Bowl Vote 2020" (Prevention Action Alliance)

What do Skittles and Budweiser have in common?

Millions of people, including millions of teens, watch the Super Bowl and its ads with brands ranging from Skittles and Doritos to Budweiser and Miller Lite. Spending time together as a family and cheering on your favorite team can be a time for good family bonding, but it may come at a cost. Studies show that alcohol advertising increases the likelihood and the amount of drinking by young people. And alcohol companies know that. That’s why they spend tens of millions of dollars each year advertising their products on sports programming, especially college sports.

Unfortunately, the alcohol ads we watch during the Super Bowl contribute to underage drinking throughout the entire country. We at Prevention Action Alliance created the Big Bowl Vote to raise awareness about the appeal these ads have with children and urge parents and those who work with youth to teach our young people to be aware of how advertisers try to manipulate them.

By teaching our kids to analyze ads and how they affect us, we can reduce the impact they have on our young people and reduce underage and binge drinking. This year, we’re doubling our commitment to media literacy so we can better prepare those who work with youth as parents, teachers, and professionals as well as the youth themselves for a world where companies advertise addictive, age-restricted products to youth. We’re making the survey easier to administer and tally, and we’re expanding the questions to get students thinking about how advertising influences them.

So please consider joining us for the Big Bowl Vote on Monday, February 3, immediately after the Super Bowl.

Submission Instructions: 

The process is simple:

  1. Sign up for emails about the Big Bowl Vote.
  2. Download the 2019 BBV Playbook. Watch Super Bowl LIII on Sunday, February
  3.  Administer the Big Bowl Vote survey on Monday, February 3
  4.  Send us your results by the end of Tuesday, February 4 or use our new Google Forms Survey.
  5. Anyone who works with children can participate, and participating organizations have the option of being named in our press release.