DRVN Driving Practice App for Skill Development and Time Tracking


Experienced drivers are safer drivers, so help your teen get the required 50 hours of practice time. DRVN is an app that is designed to optimize the time you spend with your teen during the supervised driving process.

DRVN tracks time and gives you a game plan for what to do on each drive. DRVN helps in 3 ways:


1. A structured guide to driving

We know that parents are experienced drivers. But, teaching is a whole different skill than driving, and it requires planning. The app helps you structure driving sessions and gives concise skill instruction so that you can guide your teen driver through new skills.

2. A diverse range of skills and environments

Just driving to and from basketball practice isn’t going to cut it. Operating safely on the road means knowing what to expect in all situations. We’ll make sure your teen is getting exposure to a range of environments to best prepare them for the challenges of the road.

3. Progress tracking and feedback

You’ve been tracking time, but we should be tracking progress. DRVN can help by prompting you to revisit skills that need more attention. We’ll provide relevant tips and timely feedback based on your teen’s performance so that they operate safely, competently and confidently on the road.

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Signup Instructions: 
1. Parents and Teens download the DRVN app:

App Store (Apple)

Google Play (Android)

2. Start completing the lessons. 


Submission Instructions: 

1. Complete the lessons as instructed by the mobile application. 

2. Take screenshots or photos of your progress. 

3. Record your activity by submitting your progress for points.