Impact Teen Drivers Presentation/Assembly

Have an "Impact Teen Drivers" presentation for students at your high school

Impact Teen Drivers leads engaging presentations and assemblies in schools based on the “What Do You Consider Lethal?” campaign. 

This ia an EVIDENCE BASED program and pre and post student surveys are available to measure teen driving attitudes and behaviors.


In many states, our partners in law enforcement participate in the presentation bringing a positive interaction with a person in uniform to the students.

Additionally, some presentations feature an affected family member to share their own first-hand experience of the deadly consequences of reckless and distracted driving.

Train the Trainers and Lead the Leaders both aim to empower individuals in the community to use the “What Do You Consider Lethal?” campaign,

including conducting presentations and assemblies on their own or in conjunction with law enforcement professionals.

Inquire about a presentation at your school here:

The "Impact Teen Drivers" Ohio Education & Outreach Coordinator is Heidi Dean.  • Work

(440) 554-4699 Phone  • Mobile


Submission Instructions: 
  1. Have an "Impact Teen Drivers" presentation as an assembly or in individual classrooms.
  2. 300 points will be awarded only once for school visit regardless of the number of classrooms visited.
  3. Please include the total number of students participating in one or all events.
  4. Submit a photo(s) of students participating in the activity.