Guest Speaker: Corrine Gasper / The Risks of Marijauna


Corinne Gasper is available as a guest speaker on the risks of using marijauna. 

She will present to individual classrooms or large assemblies. 


Corinne Gasper is a resident of Delaware County and member of the SAFE Delaware County CoalitonSince the tragic loss of her daughter Jennifer Corinne Hrobuchak on July 24th, 2012, she has dedicated herself to preventing another needless tragedy like Jennifer's.  Jennifer, a 2008 Olentangy High School graduate, died as a result of an impaired driver crashing into her at an intersection.


Corinne seeks to help educate and protect innocent lives in our communities.  Her mission is to try to have a positive impact on our society by noting the harms of current day marijuana use and to educate the public through tools and strategies on safe driving.  She is informed on the most current data of today's marijuana and actively advocates for greater awarenss of the risks of using marijuana nationwide.


Corinne is a savvy spokesperson with appearances on WBNS-10TV, WSYX-ABC-6, WCMH-NBC4, Fox New Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle”, and NBC 7 San Diego.


Corinne's relevant activities include:

  • Co-chair of Safe Teen Driving Delaware Ohio Task Force.
  • Board Member of Parents Opposed to Pot (POP).
  • Member of Mom’s Strong.
  • Lifeline of Ohio Ambassador and Speaker.
  • Member of the legislation pillar of the OSU Risk Institute’s National Focus on Distracted Driving.
  • Speaker and Panel member for Smart Approaches To Marijuana (SAM).
  • Member and Co-founder of Marijuana Victims Alliance (MVA).
  • Former Member and 2016 Walk Like MADD Chairperson and speaker for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) of Ohio.
  • Board member of Grand Oak Community Association.
  • Testified at the New Jersey Black Caucus against the legalization of recreational marijuana.
  • Testified in the Ohio Legislature for the task force against the legalization medical marijuana.
  • Attended the Prescription Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit, Atlanta, GA, April 2018
  • Attended and participated in the SAM Marijuana Summit, San Diego, CA, November 2017
  • Successfully completed the law enforcement Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (A-RIDE) class.
  • Guest Speaker for Delaware Health District’s kickoff of Drive Safe or Get Pulled Over Campaign.
  • Guest Speaker for Delaware County Criminal Justice Association, December 2017.
  • Board of trustees and executive committee for Prevention Action Alliance
  • 2019 SAFE Delaware County Coaliton Community Traffic Safety Advocate


Contact Corrinne Gasper


Phone: 614-359-9832

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