Cinema Drive 3D Presentation

Host a Cinema Drive 3D presentation at your school!

Cinema Drive is targeted towards young drivers who are in the beginning stages of learning how to drive.
The program includes several segments that focus on behaviors critical to driving - speeding, distracted driving/texting, driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs, peer pressure, seat belts, and fatigue.
The presentation aims to educate high school drivers with the knowledge necessary to change undesirable driving habits and inspire behavioral shifts among teens and their surrounding community.

The Cinema Drive program features new, innovative ways for students to learn -
and have fun while doing so! The in-school presentation utilizes unique, multi-sensory technology such as 3D projection, surround sound, and laser lights as well as interactive remotes, to highly engage viewers.

Mobile Cinema Park is designed to operate in existing school facilities.
MCP technicians set up easily in auditoriums, media centers, gymnasiums, and cafeterias.

Visit the Cinema Drive Website to learn more information about the program.

Notes to keep in mind:
The darker the room, the better the presentation
Multiple shows can be shown in one day (250 students max. each show)
The show length runs from 60-90 minutes
An hour and a half set up prior to the first show is required

Submission Instructions: 

Pick a date for the program to visit your school. Please provide 3 options.

Visit to schedule a visit to your school.

Capture phoptos or video of students engaged with the CInam Drive Presentation.


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