Better Ohio Teen Drivers Car Control Drills Program Presentation

Host a school presentation that introduces the Better Ohio Teen Driver Car Control Drills Program to students at your school.


Better Ohio Teen Drivers, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation founded b to address what he felt was lacking in traditional driver education courses.

While a basic "rules of the road" education is necessary, it is also important to understand vehicle dynamics and learn how to react in situations where things go wrong.

The presentation will introduce students to the importance of FATE: Focus, Awareness, Tires & Eyes -

Your FATE is in your hands and totally under your control nearly 100% of the time!

Knowing that the physics that keep a racing car on the track are the same forces at work on a street car.

Some basic knowledge of car control is conveyed to students and how taking part in various demonstrations and drills can create safer drivers.

The BOTD Car Control Drills Program is intended to develop safe and confident drivers, not to foster or encourage aggressive or otherwise dangerous driving.

Students will be offered special pricing as a result of a school presentation.

Additional 100 points will be earned for your school for each student who completes the class and share it with his fellow students.

Submission Instructions: 

To Get Your Points:
1. Complete any of the activity as described above.
2. Take photos/video of students participating in the activity.
3. Click "Submit Points."
4. Enter the name of the submitter and select the activity completed, the county and school.
5. Upload your photos/video and a brief description of the activity (including the date of completion and any people pictured in the photo).