AAA Teen Driver Safety Prize Wheel

Use this game (or your own set) to ask questions to students promoting Teen Driver Safety.

Recruit student volunteers to run the game. 

This is an activity that can be added to a larger all-school event or alone during lunch periods or class.

Submission Instructions: 
  1. Points will be awarded if this game is a station at a larger event.
  2. Points will be awarded for both the game and larger event.
  3. If used stand alone during lunch periods or class, points will not be given for two activities. Select only one activity.


To Get Your Points:

1.  Click "Submit Your Points" at this website.

2.  Fill out the online submission COMPLETELY.

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3.  Share photos and video to school social media sites  

Facebook     #ReduceTeenCrashesDelCoOH

Twitter         @ReduceOHCrashes 

Instagram    @reduceteencrashesdelcooh


*Note -This activity is required every new academic year

*Note - Schools must take new photos with and submit these pictures to earn points again for the current year. 

*Note- Points for all award levels will be counted instantaneously,

but the Silver Award will not be granted until a participating school has earned the Bronze Award!